Today 09/05/2017 The ground breaking rites of the first ever tailored peat-to-power technology in Africa, taking place in Gisagara District, Mamba Sector, Kabumbwe Cell, we are with Hon Minister James MUSONI and various sponsors of the projects, among them HAKAN Family, responsible of the project.

This project will increase up to 40% power capacity, it is the second largest private investment in Rwanda and the largest independent power producer in Rwanda.                       

All speakers have hailed the political will to develop Rwanda through strengthening power plants projects as it is indicated in the vision of H.E Paul Kagame, they have also saluted this big project which will not only provide electrical power to Gisagara inhabitants, but to the entire country.

Hon Minister urged the surrounding residents to take advantage of this project and start creating other jobs in line with it. He promised them 13,000 new households to be connected with electricity within 2 months.

Mamba inhabitants have expressed their utmost happiness for this project and pledged (through the speech of the Mayor) to be cooperative to the investors.



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